Introducing: Sofia Amador

I am a Colombian artist living/studying/working in Brighton, UK.
I really enjoy working on what I’m being inspired from at the moment. I rarely stick with a particular theme for a long period of time. However, my favourite theme to explore would be history; world history. I find it as an endless source of material and ideas to work with.




Art is such a beautiful, versatile thing that we can control or let control and either way, it would be just fine. It’s not rare hearing that art can, and will save the world. And I agree, but the way I see it, is that art itself won’t make that change; but sure it does help us to start a conversation in order to a better world.






In January this year we went to Berlin on a research trip. We walked pass the Madame Tussauds, and there was this real size E.T seated on the basket of a bike. Just like in the movie. It was really exciting; as this is the only movie that makes me cry my eyes out. Since the very beginning I start sobbing, but it comes to a point in which I just lose it. It’s not sadness, I’d say, I just love ET.



Website: http://femme–

Instagram: @ __femme_fatale___

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